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THURSDAY, JUN 6, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Brown Bag Thursday

Quilt Clinic

Nancy Sullivan presents her traveling “Quilt Clinic,” designed to diagnose and treat an array of quilt conditions and ailments. Her specialties include C.P.R. (cotton problems resolved), piercing headaches, ruler and pattern dissection, thread and tension pains, UFO resuscitation, and sewing machine medicine. Join Nancy for this lighthearted and encouraging discussion about the many common problems faced by quiltmakers.


August 1, 2019 at 12:30 pm

Brown Bag Thursday

19th Century Basket Quilts

Join the NEQM Collections Manager, Laura Lane, for an in-depth look at our Genre Gallery exhibition, 19th Century Basket Quilts, on loan from the American Quilt Study Group (AQSG). Members of the AQSG were challenged to study a basket quilt from the 19th century and create a new quilt of their own that was inspired by the original. The new quilt could be a reproduction or simply reflect the original in a way that spoke to the maker. Among the inspiration quilts are three from the NEQM permanent collection, which will be on view in the Museum’s Donahue Gallery.

Mini-Basket, ca. 1885
Gift of The Binney Family, 1991.34