A Tribute to Sue Garman

September 11 – December 29, 2019


The New England Quilt Museum is proud to celebrate the lifetime achievement of the late master quiltmaker, Sue Garman. Thanks to the generosity of her family, this retrospective exhibition features 37 of Garman’s original designs.  

Sue Garman made more than 300 quilts over 40 years, nearly all of them original. Her excellence was recognized with numerous awards in prestigious quilt competitions, while she also advanced a career at NASA. Garman served as Deputy Chief of Staff for the agency in Washington, DC and retired as Associate Director for the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX in 2014. Her skill in mathematics and appreciation for detail are visible in her meticulous applique and intricately pieced quilts.

Widely known through her internet site ComeQuilt.com, Garman generously shared her techniques, innovative patterns, and advice with thousands of quilt enthusiasts. Her contribution to quiltmaking has garnered legions of fans. The New England Quilt Museum is honored to share Sue Garman’s legacy with her many admirers, as well as visitors who may discover her work for the first time.